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Month: August 2022


Roulette and other sports betting has become very common in the vast majority of Malaysia. Despite betting being illegal in Malaysia, it has a billion-dollar industry inhabited across the nation, which bets on every football match each day. When caught, it could run you into jail for about six months with a fine of RM5000. On the contrary, there is no shortage of some highly legitimate betting sites that accept payments in MYR. In addition to this, there is consensus to make football betting legal considering its upsides. The fact that it will bring massive tax revenue, reduce match-fixing scandals, and bring money from the organized crime sector to become accountable is helping its cause. In either case, it remains to be illegal in Malaysia.

Government Actions and Legal Booking Sites:

The arrests usually involve money exchange, booking with an arrested Asian bookie or at an internet café. It is thus advised to avoid Asian bookies, and European sites are preferred considering their licensed operations. It is recommended to operate from home with European bookies who will require your verification and then enable you to gamble. Some of the recommended sites for booking are:


  • Betvictor: They have decent Malaysian coverage and are top UK bookmakers and offer to book in Malaysian currency.
  • Betdaq: It is used for Super League matches because of its best odds but does not accept Malaysian currency.
  • Pinnacle Sports: Used for only foreign matches and accepts Malaysian currency along with best odds.
  • Ladbrokes: It doesn’t offer Malaysian currency but is very friendly to Malaysian clients.

Youth Impact:

The government has initiated steps to curb underage Roulette  and eliminate youth from indulging in it by training psychiatric rehabilitation centres to conduct sessions for youth for ethical lifestyle. In another attempt, the government organized a charity match where elephants were seen taking the field to encourage youth towards the sport rather than betting. Betting or gambling is the basis of playing the game, and playing it is not an easy deal. It involves a lot of thinking, mental calculations, and the right skill. There would be an amount of money bet by the players called the ‘pot’, and to begin the game with, each player would have to contribute some amount into the pot.

An online game that has excessively captivated a huge number of players. Online poker has been relatively responsible for the expansion in the number of poker players worldwide

Some information worth knowing

Joseph Eve, a verified Public Accountant representing the U.S firm evaluated that a lot of money was drained in online gambling, one in every four dollars was gambled online. And if we draw closer attention to the history of this online poker played worldwide, it all started in the 1990s in the form of IRC. The very first online card room was Planet poker which offered money.

The trend of online poker rose with the coming years as it offered real money; it enticed the masses in a few years. The best thing about the site is that it is compatible. The prime online poker site “w88” offered various features to attract new players. One interesting feature among all was introducing the players to the online tournament called a satellite, winning this tournament rewarded the players with the free entry to a real-life poker tournament which created a huge buzz. In 2014, Poker stars (online card room) became the largest publicly traded company and later David Basov a businessman who commenced a takeover bid costing $4.9 billion.


Issues with the activity

One of the major issues that were faced while participating in this online poker was the fact that most of the players came from a different land and their access was hindered by the operating system of online poker. Most of the sites operate gaming in US dollars. This problem was soon resolved by offering the players a different mode of investing and profiting. The creation of e-wallet, these are virtual wallets that allow the players to store their funds online in the currency of their choice.

Many online poker sites also provide incentives to encourage their players. In addition to that, several online cardrooms have enhanced VIP programs to reward regular players. This way online poker sites have well managed to attract most of the players to involve in this online gambling. It has been super compatible for its players as it operates through separate software. Many online poker rooms provide downloadable programs specifically designed for computer systems such as Microsoft Windows. Some poker rooms have also developed poker on portable devices.

It is a huge platform for online gambling and gaming experience. It’s access to many countries which positively intrigue huge mass of people who invest and profit and sometimes face loss.

Online gambling games are so popular nowadays and it is considered to be the best way to earn extra money. It is the easiest way to place a bet and wins money by playing your favorite games online. The games available include soccer, basketball, poker, agen slot online, and other slot games to play online. The games are so easy to play and you can win each game by practicing. Some websites also offer a free bonus and win trials that help as a motivation to the participants playing the game. It offers a wide range of entertainment options to the pandemic-struck crowd and gives a new insight into the money-making business if you are good at it.

Features of playing online gambling games:

There are many different online gambling games and they are mostly referred by different people ranging from young adults to teens. There are many advantages to playing online gambling games as they are easy to win money. The following are the features of playing online slot games.


  • Game varieties: The varieties of games available online that can be played easily and start to earn money. The winning member should be able to lead the leadership table so that you can start placing bets and earn money.
  • Free bonus and membership: Some websites have free bets, bonuses, and membership trials for you to enter the sites. These can be used to start playing games easily by placing bets and start earning money. The bets are available in some sites by paying money but with the websites that offer free bets, it is easier to win money. You can also play on pc and mobile versions of these games.
  • Customer care access: online gambling games like slot games when playing can cause trouble in placing bets and getting paid. The customer care accessibility in the websites can help us reach out to the executives and get clarified about queries.
  • Free games: There are more free games that are available in online gambling games like poker, casino, and Judi slot games that help us to place bets and win money. The games are very realistic like the ones we play in a real casino. The graphics and image resolution of the games are very good to make the players more engaging with the game.

These are some of the features of playing online gambling casino games on websites available on the web.